Another meteorite for Oppy’s collection…?

Well, Oppy scooted RIGHT past that outcrop I showed in the previous post, so there’ll be no close-ups of those rocks, but I’m sure that’s because the team have identified better outcrops further south along the flank of Cape York. BUT, in the meantime, Oppy has spotted something very interesting just up ahead…

Let’s take a closer look…

Aha! That is either a rock that’s tumbled off the top of Cape York (not very likely) or another meteorite to add to Oppy’s collection! You’ll recall that since she left Victoria Crater, about a million years ago, Oppy has encountered and taken images of many meteorites, including some absolutely beautiful ones. I made these next images a couple of years ago to show the size of them, and to virtually gather them all together…

This looks very much like another “star stone” to me.

I hope they take a closer look, and get some colour piccies, but then again I’m rather biased, and I know many people find them yawnsome at best and totally irrelevent at worst, so maybe Oppy will just scoot right on past this too!


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2 Responses to Another meteorite for Oppy’s collection…?

  1. buck says:

    I think it amazing that Oppy found any meteorites at all… to find yet another is just astounding. Love the comparison photos… really brings home the size of these things.

  2. ted says:

    Nice one Stu!!! Your poor wife must be tired after carrying all those rocks for your picture! LOL!!!

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