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“Pillinger Point” in the spotlight

Opportunity is really taking a good long look at the rocks of, and around, “Pillinger Point”, the Stegosaur back-like rocky ridge she has driven up to way up on Solander Point. And no wonder. The features and structures here must … Continue reading

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Opportunity pauses at Pillinger Point

Opportunity is sending back some stunning images at the moment, as she drinks in the view high up on the slopes of Solander Point above Endeavour Crater. Here’s the latest mosaic I’ve put together, showing roughly the view north, back … Continue reading

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Alert! Gorgeous geology up ahead!

Since the last post Oppy has been quietly working her way towards the rocky ridge she spotted on the horizon a couple of weeks ago, and now she is *this* close to it. And it looks like the ancient, wind-carved … Continue reading

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Oppy rolling on…

Opportunity continues to explore the slopes of Solander Point, en-route to Cape Tribulation. She has been taking a look at a small impact crater, surrounded by a beautiful network of rippled dust dunes. Here’s the latest view…

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