“Road to Endeavour” is written by Stuart Atkinson (middle, above, seen during a visit to JPL), a lifelong space enthusiast, amateur astronomer and frustrated martian.

You can find his homepage here: http://stuartatkinson.wordpress.com

9 Responses to About

  1. Steve Foggo says:

    Hi Stuart,

    I found your site while searching for more info on the rover. Many thanks for doing it!

    I live down in NZ but I am originally from Newcastle where I was briefly in the Astro Society there. Not sure if you know Alastair McBeath- a meteor expert. Many moons since I last saw him now.

    Best wishes,

  2. Matt Lenda says:

    Ready, set — let’s go Team MER Bloggers! This will be fun, Stu.


  3. Enjoyed the blog, Stuart. The little rover continues to amaze us all. On to Mars!
    – Susan Holden Martin,
    Director of Strategic Planning
    The Mars Society

  4. Bertrand Ouellet says:

    Hi, Stuart.
    Wonderful blog . I am a regular (daily) visitor.
    Do you Know what is happening at the planetary society? All I get is error messages when I try to link to the monthly reports about MER.


  5. Jim D. Jones says:

    Hey, Stu, if anyone would know, you would. Does anyone regularly look at the newest satellite imaging of Endeavour Crater for brand-new craters? Even tiny ones could do important “excavation” work for Oppy. But if no one is looking, … Keep up the great work! I’ve been there with Oppy, like you, every day since day one! –All Best, Jim

  6. Jim D. Jones says:


    Hey, Stu. It’s Jim in Sewanee, Tennessee. Just read this article about our little mound in the crater being formed from wind (!), not deposition from lakes filling and refilling. Kind of bums me out that climbing the mountain probably won’t be profitable in terms of finding more signs of water and potentially . . .

    Hope you’re well. All best. –Jim

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