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“Ireland” – the One That Got Away…

Oppy has now driven away from Oileán Ruaidh and is heading towards Endeavour crater again. You’ll remember that when she was investigating Oileán Ruaidh, Oppy could see another meteorite not too far away? Well, as predicted, Oppy drove in its … Continue reading

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Oileán Ruaidh and Her Sisters

    Oileán Ruaidh & Her Sisters   They stand on the dusty plain like the remains of statues, Gargoyle heads fallen from some martian cathedral’s heights. Around them: the soul-dwarfing Big Country of Meridiani, Shai Hulud dunes of cinnamon … Continue reading

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Last meteorite for a while…

Well, enjoy these last few images of Oileán Ruaidh, because there won’t be any more – Oppy is about to leave the iron meteorite behind and head on towards the faraway hills of Endeavour. Rover driver Scott Maxwell Tweeted earlier today: … Continue reading

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Oileán Ruaidh – most beautiful Barsoomian meteorite yet

Some new images have come back from Mars, allowing us to make a realistic(ish) colour view of “Oileán Ruaidh”, the latest iron meteorite to be found by Oppy as she travels across the vast Meridiani Plain. Here’s one of the raws… … Continue reading

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More meteorite goodness…

Some more images came down from Oppy showing her latest meteorite find. Here’s what I made from them… as ever, please click on the images to bring up full size versions… That’s a “raw” image that’s been enhanced and sharpened … Continue reading

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So, how big ARE these martian meteorites..?

We now have pictures of five – yes, FIVE! – different meteorites discovered by Oppy as she trundled across the vast Meridiani desert. But it’s hard to compare them to each other without some common point of reference, isn’t it? … Continue reading

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More “Red Island”

Some more pictures of “Red Island” have come down, which show it is now being studied by the instruments on the end of Oppy’s robot arm… You can’t actually see the meteorite on that one because the robot arm is … Continue reading

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