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Rocks everywhere…

Oppy’s still standing there, still dusty, still measuring Mars’ wobble, still going absolutely nowhere. But she’s not doing nothing. Every day she takes and sends back new images, and I’ll do my best to make prettier pictures out of them … Continue reading

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Going nowhere for a while…

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. A combination of being kept busy trying to watch and photograph the current conjunction and ‘fly-by’ of Jupiter, Venus and the Moon in the evening sky (take a look at my ‘Cumbrian Sky’ … Continue reading

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“The Guide”

Oppy continues to sit happily and quietly on Greeley Haven, keeping herself busy with in-depth studies of the rocks around her and the structure of the planet beneath her. We’re now, I think, maybe three weeks away from Oppy’s departure … Continue reading

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Memories of Spirit…

While things are so quiet for Oppy I hope you won’t mind me taking some time to report on a new HiRISE image released yesterday, showing Oppy’s sister rover, Spirit, and her landing stage. It’s a pretty incredible image, and … Continue reading

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