Outcrop ahead…!

Oppy might be about to open an exciting new chapter in her adventure at Cape York. Having driven down to, over and past Whim Creek, she is now heading down the eastern flank of the Cape, roving from crater to crater as she makes her way south in advance of rolling off the Cape and driving out into Botany Bay. But up ahead is something very, very interesting – possibly the most promising outcrop of ancient rock Opportunity has seen since reaching the Cape…

Here’s a colourisation I’ve made of it:


Why might this outcrop be so important? Well, Oppy was steered towards Cape York in the first place because deposits of phylosilicates – clays – had ben detected on its slopes from orbit. And it’s in outcrops of rock like this that Oppy has a good chance of detecting those clays. So, I won’t be surprised if Oppy drives over to this outcrop and does some detailed work there.

(So just watch her scoot right past tomorrow, totally ignoring it…!! πŸ™‚ )



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3 Responses to Outcrop ahead…!

  1. Hugo says:

    I hope she does take a look. That outcrop appears to have exposed layers, so it’s got to be worth a closer look?

  2. FThurber says:

    Any follow up here? Was it indeed clay?

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