The beauty of Mars…

Another morning, another batch of new images to look through and work with. Oppy might not be moving much, but the images she’s taking and returning are giving us a wonderfully detailed view of this particular part of Mars.

In a previous post I showed a mosaic of two close-up images of the surface. Oppy is taking a wide, sweeping panorama of an area christened “Valadero”, and two more images have come back, continuing the series. Here, then, is my latest version of this ground detail “Valadero” panorama, I hope you like it. PLEASE, click on it to enlarge it and then take some time just exploring it. Look at the bizarre but beautiful shapes and forms the rocks have after millennia of erosion… follow the curvs and contours of the stone… look at the shapes carved out of and etched into the surfaces of the flat plates by – what? Just take a few minutes to kneel down beside Oppy, lower your helmet to the ground, and drink in this view of the beauty of Mars…

I’ve made another version of that image, but enhanced the colours and sharpness to bring out details and structure not visible on the one shown above. Take a look, and just lose yourself in it…

That’s quite a sweeping view, but Oppy has been looking at, and photographing, more gypsum veins. Here’s a colour view of one of the veins she found recently. Don’t know if it has a name, I’ll check…

People ask me why I love Mars so much…

Just LOOK AT IT!!!! 🙂

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2 Responses to The beauty of Mars…

  1. Jon says:

    Great post as always!

    It just occurred to me that this blog needs to be archived somewhere at some point since this is basically an important part of our first babysteps of exploring the wider universe.

  2. starbuck5250 says:

    Looking at those gorgeous photos I have an unexplainable certainty that I know how those plates would feel under foot. I also see myself stepping over that fine soil between them, walking over the hard, clean stone like a foot path. Mars!

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