The rocks of Mars…

More pretty pictures have been sent back by Oppy, showing in more detail than we’ve seen before,  the rocks around her and the hills on the opposite side of Endeavour Crater.

Let’s start this post by looking at a two frame mosaic of some of the layered rocks closest to Oppotunity…

Take a moment to click on that to enlarge it and then just let your eyes wander around it, taking in the different shapes, textures and colours. I suppose if you’re not “into” rocks it won’t do much for you, but if you’ve got even a passing interest in geology that picture will contain wonders galore for you. And if you’re thinking “That’s just a few rocks”, remember, those rocks are on Mars, an alien world, across the solar system, and those pictures were taken just yesterday..!

Some 3D views? Ok…

Oppy also sent back several images shoing the view along the horizon, which allowed me to make a new panoramic mosaic. What really stands out on this view is just how much detailis visible on the hills over on the crater’s far side, showing how scrubbed clean the air is at Endeavour at the moment. I hope they’ll raise Oppy’s head a little so she can take a proper, colour panorama of this view, that would be stunning…

Here s a crop of the image above, just showing the hills on the opposite side… imagine this in colour… wow…!

People I talk to are often surprised that there’s wind and weather on Mars. The MER team have obviously been thinking about the weather recently, cos they ordered Oppy to take a seris of photographs of the sky to see if anything was happening up there. I’ve put these pictures together, one after the other, in an animated .gif pic, and if you click on it you’ll set it running, and will actually be able to see clouds moving across the sky in the top right corner…

So, what next? Well, it looks like Oppy will be driving north and east, edging along the, er, edge of Cape York, probably looking for a nice big gypsum vein to study. I wonder if I’ve spotted one up ahead? I’ve circled it on the next image (if you don’t see the red circle blinking, click on the image to start the animation)…

Hmmm. Might be, might not. We’ll have to wait and see!

Check back soon for more news from Mars!

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