Almost there, Opportunity…

Having just marked the 13th anniversary of her landing on Mars, Opportunity is now approaching the top of the slope she has been climbing for the past few weeks. It won’t be long now until she gets to the top and then heads down the other side of the hills, and begins her trek towards the gully further to the south. Here’s her latest view…


Meanwhile, The Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity has been sending back some beautiful images of the rocks around her, as she steadily works her way towards the foothills of Mt Sharp. I’ve stitched around 25 of them together and processed the resulting mosaic a touch to make what I hope is a very striking portrait of the geological diversity around Curiosity. So, having done that I invite you to click on the image below and spend some time just wandering around it at your leisure, taking in all the different sized, shapes and textured rocks. You’re welcome. 🙂


Here’s a crop of my favourite area of that sweeping panorama…


…and finally for this time, I wanted to share with you another Curiosity view that caught my eye, which just shows that the most beautiful Mars images aren’t always the widescreen sweeping vistas of the planet’s magnificent “Big Country” landscape… this is a view of the ground at Curiosity’s feet, showing some beautiful, wind-blown rippling dust dunes…


Check back soon to see the new scenery when Oppy gets to the top of that rise… should be a lovely view…!

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