Happy Birthday Opportunity!

Opportunity has now been on Mars for 13 years – Earth years that is. I paid tribute to that achievement in the previous post, so not going to say all that again! Instead – before going AFK (look it up or ask your parents, kids!) for a couple of days for a birthday trip – I’ll just post three pictures. The first is Oppy’s most recent view, showing the view up ahead… you can see she is now nearing the top of the slope she has been climbing for the past week and a half. Soon she’ll get to the top, then go down the other side of the hills, back onto the flat plain of Meridiani, and will then head south towards that gully…


Pic 2: a Google Earth map showing the scene from above…


And finally, we all love the film “The Martian” right? Ok, so the dust storm was ridiculously violent and just plain silly, but the film is such a treat I’m personally happy to forgive it that. The whole point of the film is how amazing it is that Mark Watney was able to survive on Mars for so long. Well, let’s put that in perspective…




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