The Hills…

…on the farside of Endeavour Crater are slowly but surely being photographed in colour by Oppy as she enjoys her rest at Greeley Haven. Every day she photrographs a new section of the distant horizon, and here’s the latest swathe of the hills she’s been taking…

As nice as that view is – and it is VERY nice – I’m impatient to see the view even further to the right, where there’s that high, rounded mountain with the big oval crater on its face. Now that will be a treat, seeing that in colour..! Maybe in another couple of days.

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2 Responses to The Hills…

  1. RJ White says:

    Looks kind of hazy in the distance. Is there that much of an atmosphere?

  2. vanDivX says:

    It sure looks like high ISO setting LOL
    There’s enough atmosphere to create dust devils and gusts of wind that blow the dust off those solar panels. Probably the thinner air at lower pressure than what we get on Earth makes for lively air motion which keeps the fine dust suspended in the atmosphere at most times, though it fluctuates.

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