It’s a stitch-up…

Slowly but surely The Greeley Panorama is taking shape, frames being sent back to Earth by Oppy in batches, sol after sol, and when every frame is back here image processing wizards will stitch them together, combine and colourise them and turn them into what will be one of the most outstandingly beautiful pictures from the whole mission. Again, being totally honest, that’s just too big a job for me, so I’m limiting myself to stitching together just the L2 filter images to make a black and white panorama. Here’s what I’ve made so far… you’ll need to click on it to enlarge it, as usual…

So far so good! But what I’m really looking forward to is seeing that panorama expand to the right, where the “good stuff” – i.e the highest farside hills, with their craters – is waiting to be photographed. Hope those pics come in soon, I really want to see that big oval crater in full detail now – maybe when that happens they’ll finally get around to naming the ******* thing!!! 🙂


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