More MI magic…

I’ve been having a play about with some more of the beautiful images on that MI page of the PANCAM site (see previous post) and have made another couple of mosaics. But before I show them, let me make it perfectly clear I’m not really creating anything “new” here, and the credit belongs to the NASA/MER team. All I’m doing is stitching together images that already exist and then messing about with them to create something a bit different, ok? I’m certainly not claiming these mosaics are in any way important, or scientifically valuable or insightful; this is just me making some “martian art”, purely for fun. πŸ™‚

With that out of the way, ladies and gentlemen, please say hello to “Baltra”, a hole drilled out of a rock called “Beagle”, by Oppy back on Sol 894. As usual click on the image to bring up a full size version…

Here’s the location of the hole… remember, it’s just 4.5cm wide…

And here’s my mosaic of a hole drilled into a rock called “Cobble Hill”, on Sol 145, waaaaaaaaaaaay back when Oppy was inside Endurance Crater, investigating all those beautiful walls and terraces of rock…

And here’s where the hole is (it’s the top one… I’m pretty sure… well, kind of sure… )…

I don’t know about you, but I really think there’s something very beautiful and very special about these RAT holes, and the images made of them. They really are the closest thing we’ve made to actual “art” on Mars, I believe. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if, in the future, many of these RAT holes are dug out of the martian rock and put on display in martian – and terran -museums for people to see and marvel at. (Some will be left where they were made, as tourist attractions and sites of historical importance.) And it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if future generations of martians, native and incomer, choose to make jewelry incorporating these features, in the same way that we love wearing pendants, lockets and necklaces today with historic and ancient designs…


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