Rugged, ragged Ruiz…

Ruiz Garcia is turning out to be a verrrry interesting rock. The latest images show it has had quite a hard time of it, sat there on the edge of Santa Maria crater for who-knows-how-many thousands of years: it is very eroded, very ragged-looking, with a large number of those little round “berries” around its base and, interestingly, more of them apparrently emerging from it, like buds… We’ve seen this before, of course, but not, if I remember correctly, at this part of Mars, so there’s some science work to do with Ruiz before Oppy spins around, turns her back on Santa Maria and pushes on for Endeavour.

Here are the latest images – as usual, click on them to see larger versions.

You can see from that 3D image that Ruiz Garcia is quite a large rock, and is surrounded by a lot of smaller rocks, dust and those ‘berries’ I mentioned earlier. Here’s a higher resolution 3D view…

That area on the left, with the deep “cleft” in it, is intriguing; it almost looks like a ‘cap’ of rock draped over the main rock. That’s the area Oppy is now studying in a lot more detail with her Microscopic Imager…

But back to RG as a whole. By stacking together several raw images of RG, taken through different filters, and then sharpening up the stacked image, it’s possible to make quite a high resolution portrait of the rock…

Lots of interesting detail on there, but RG becomes really interesting when you look at it in colour…

There appears to be quite a lot of “berry acion” going on over on the left side of RG…

…and boosting the colour/contrast/levels also brings out the extent of RG’s berryness…

I wonder what today’s images will show us? Come back later to find out! 🙂

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One Response to Rugged, ragged Ruiz…

  1. JohnW says:

    Why are you using the word ‘berry’? Would ‘gravel’ not be more appropriate?
    Thanks for your efforts – I really enjoy your blog each day.

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