Edging closer to Santa Maria…

Another so,  another drive closer to Santa Maria. Here’s the latest view of the crater that will effectively be Oppy’s “base camp” before she strikes out for the distant rim of Endeavour Crater…

Not really much different to the view we had yesterday, to be honest, but that’s another sign that the crater is on a lower-lying area , and currently hidden behind and beneath a kind of “lip” in the local topography. Just you wait – by weekend I reckon we’ll be able to see the whole thing! 🙂

Today’s panorama…

(click to enlarge, as usual)

So, how big is this crater, and how big are the blocks and boulders of rock Oppy will have to navigate her way through, and around, to get to the edge and look down and across it? Here’s an image I’ve made which shows Oppy and the crater **roughly** to scale. Oppy is represented by a yellow dot close to some of the most interesting features…

You can see some of the boulders are actually slightly larget than Oppy, and close together, too, so I think we can look forward to some VERY impressive images in the not too distant future! 🙂

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