Approaching “Marquette Island”…

Slowly but surely, Oppy is trundling towards “Marquette Island”, a big block of dark.. something… standing on the dusty Meridiani Plain like a sculpture… Here’s my first approximately true colour colourisation… (click on it to make it larger, as usual)…


And if you have a your pair of 3D glasses handy, take a look at this…


Let’s take a closer look…


mmm… that really isn’t screaming “meteorite!” to me now we’re closer. It definitely looks more like a piece of martian rock blasted over here from an impact that occurred elsewhere, somewhere over the horizon – a piece of “ejecta”, in other words. It’s still a fascinating object tho, and even more so when you look at it in more detail in a 3D view…


Over the next few days Oppy will no doubt be creeping even closer, so we’ll be able to enjoty even more detailed looks at this intriguing whateveritis…!  Keep checking back here for more pics and news. 🙂

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