Meet “Marquette”…

Well, here we are… our first detailed look at “Marquette Island”…


Hmmm… that looks nothing like a meteorite to me – it looks more like a paving slab that’s fallen onto the ground after coming off a passing truck! No, seriously, that looks very much like a big chunk of ejecta – rocky material that was blasted out of the ground by an impact that occurred some distance away, flew through the air away from the impact site and then landed here. Where did it come from? How long has it been here? What’s it made of? How old is it? These are all questions that will be being fired around the team behind Oppy even as you read these words, I’m sure!

Let’s have a look at it in 3D…


There’s a LOT of debris around it, isn’t there? Some of it looks like it belongs to the “Island”, some of it looks like local rock. Let’s take a closer 3D look at Marquette Island itself…


I don’t know about you, but I think that’s a fascinating chunk of rock! I’m pretty sure that over the next few days we’ll see Oppy edging closer to and then around it to give it a thorough examination. We can already see the robot arm, with its suite of instruments, preparing to get to work…


So, here we are folks… “Marquette Island”. I think we’ll be here a while… 🙂

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