Looking at Lindbergh…

Opportunity still hasn’t set off for the mouth of Marathon Valley yet, but it surely won’t be long now; the MER team has been enjoying a good long look at “Lindbergh”, a pile of shattered and cracked rocks in the centre of the “Spirit of St Louis” crater…


lindbergh rocks bf2

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3 Responses to Looking at Lindbergh…

  1. Tony Mach says:

    Wow, what shaped those rocks? Wind and sand? Water? Even so I highly suspect the shape was the result of something very mundane, I keep thinking “Man, that second big rock from the right looks like a space capsule! It must be a meteorite!”

  2. Rick Qualls says:

    I love the work you do bringing Mars images to life along with your writing! Have you ever seen those pictures of Jesus on toast or on church walls that appear in the tabloids ? Look at the rock in the upper right corner.
    I would not surprise me to read a tabloid headline ,”Jesus image found on Mars!”

  3. Rick Qualls says:

    I meant to say upper right middle. Not the corner!

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