More meteorite goodness…

Some more images came down from Oppy showing her latest meteorite find. Here’s what I made from them… as ever, please click on the images to bring up full size versions…

That’s a “raw” image that’s been enhanced and sharpened to bring out more detail and, yes, just basically make it look more attractive. As I’ve said before, I don’t do this for any scientific, serious reason – I’ll leave that to others with more skill, knowledge and time! – I do it because I love Mars, and pictures of Mars, and love bringing the Red Planet ‘to life’ 🙂

Actually, while we’re talking about “raw” and “enhanced” images, one of this blog’s readers posted a comment the other day, asking if I could show where I get the raw images from before I enhance and mess about with them. No problem! I use two sites, essentially:


I take raw images from those sites and then, using Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop Elements and a few other pieces of image processing goofery and trickery, turn them into different images. If you look at this Before and After pic you can see the difference:

Now, again, I’m NOT saying my versions are ‘better’, in any way; I just try to make something a little different, that’s all. If you like them, then great! If you don’t, well, fair enough, no-one made you come here. 🙂

Ok, back to business…

Here’s another version of the same view shown above, brightened and enhanced to show the underside of the meteorite that is hiding in shadow…

You can see from that it really is a great, hefting slab of metal, can’t you? I wonder if Oppy will peek underneath to see if the meteorite is actually embedded in the surface, or sitting on some kind of pedastal, or just resting on the ground? That would be interesting…

Meanwhile, an enhanced close-up of the left hand side of the new meteorite reveals quite a lot of subtle detail on its surface…

Next, a view of the right hand side of the meteorite – I think the large hollow there has been called “Mulroy”, after a bay close to the island, but can’t swear to that…

And finally, an extreme close-up of part of the new meteorite, courtesy of Oppy’s microscope camera, which brings out some interesting surface detail…

Hopefully some more pictures later today.

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5 Responses to More meteorite goodness…

  1. Jedrus says:

    > an extreme close-up of part of the new meteorite, courtesy of Oppy’s microscope camera…

    Looks like regular picture to me. Compare them with those unsharp pictures of undercarriage and rocks under the Spirit body taken by its microscopic camera.

  2. Astro0 says:

    Stu, That’s very nice lesson on image processing that would fit nicely into a new website I hear tell is coming soon 😉

    PS: Not sure that the last image is an MI shot ??

    • phoenixpics says:

      You’re both right, thanks; WordPress published a previous draft version which didn’t have the MI image included. Corrected it now.

  3. In your last photo ( the micrograph), I thought I saw nerve-cell-like black tiny dots on grey (or white) matter-like material. There are three such areas, two to the upper left (not the corner) and one near the center of the photo.

    In order to ascertain the findings, I wish to know the location and the width of the micrograph you showed as the final photo. Could you help and advise me?

  4. Astro0 says:

    Wow, now that the MI pic has turned up – that’s amazing!
    It’s a whole landscape in itself – beautiful.

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