So, how big IS Endeavour..?

I’ve had a few people ask me recently “How big is this ‘Endeavour Crater’ the Mars rover is heading towards?” so I thought I’d make some pictures to illustrate its size.

First of all, this is Endeavour Crater as seen from orbit by ESA’s Mars Express probe…

But that doesn’t really help us grasp its actual size, its true scale, does it? We can know that it’s approx 21km wide, but that doesn’t really help us visualise its actual dimensions, does it? Hopefully the next few pictures will… Please click on them to bring up full size versions, as usual..

First of all, Endeavour Crater to scale with central London…

And how big is Endeavour compared to another famous city – San Francisco?

What about New York?

And finally… Endeavour Crater compared to my own town, Kendal…


I think you’ll agree that really brings home just how big Endeavour Crater is. šŸ™‚

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