Still no news…

It’s now almost two months since we last heard from Opportunity. It was on June 10th that she sent back a partial image before falling asleep, and we haven’t heard a peep from her since then. The good news is that the dust storm blanketing much of Mars seems to have reached its peak of activity and is starting to settle out; images of Mars taken by amateur astronomers are now showing more hints of surface features than they did a couple of weeks ago when Mars was at opposition, so hopefully the skies above Opportunity will begin to clear soon and with sunlight available to charge her batteries she will wake up and phone home soon. How soon? We can have no idea – maybe tomorrow will be the day we hear from her, or that day might not come for another month or so. We’ll just have to wait and see. Obviously as soon as there’s any news to report we’ll have it here.

So, with no new images from Opportunity to show you, let’s look back at some classic views (which I processed) from sols gone by…

pano19 c3fvig



pano16cf 2bf

And a couple of recent views from Curiosity, just because they’re so pretty… 🙂


2087ML0111200000801595E01_DXXX_stitch b2


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