Oppy marches on…

Well, trundles on… 🙂

With Sol 5000 and her historic selfie behind her, Opportunity is just getting on with her day job of doing amazing science on Mars as she explores Perseverance Valley. Here are the latest colourised picture I’ve produced from the images she has sent back over the past couple of days.

All images: Credit NASA / JPL / Cornell University / Stuart Atkinson


Even after following Opportunity’s mission for fourteen years I still feel a shiver run through me whenever I see images of Opportunity’s own tracks weaving and winding across the martian surface. It brings home the fact that she is a rover, that she is moving, driving across Mars, seeing – and sharing with us – a different view almost every day, and not just standing still on its surface, looking around. It is going to be a long time until people walk across those cinnamon sands; for the forseeable future Oppy’s view (and Curiosity’s too) is the only one we’re going to have, so enjoy it!



I’d like to finish this post with another version of “The Selfie” Opportunity took on Sol 5000, this time one created by another of the image processors I respect a lot – Olivier deGoursac. One thing I just couldn’t do was put my mosaic version of Opportunity beneath a decent sky, but Olivier has managed to do just that, and here’s the result…


Amazing work, I’m sure you’ll agree. And a real spine-tingle seeing Opportunity looking so beautiful, too! 🙂

More soon.

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1 Response to Oppy marches on…

  1. requalls2015 says:

    You really worked overtime on these pictures. Thank you!

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