Sol 5000… ALMOST there…!

Well, that’s annoying… I was expecting to be writing a post today celebrating Opportunity reaching 5000 sols on Mars – but the NASA MER website is wrong.

Yes, read that again: The. NASA. MER. Website. Is. Wrong.


Based on the “clock” on the NASA MER website I actually set my alarm for stupid o’clock this morning, so I could take a screen-grab of the historic tick-over moment onto Sol 5000… I missed it by 4 minutes but took the pic anyway – only to find out later that the clock on that page is wrong, and Oppy is still on sol 4999!

A couple of hours ago I used the excellent “Mars Clock” app developed by ex Mars rover driver Scott Maxwell to check the actual time on Mars and compared it to the time given on the “Time On Mars” sidebar on the NASA MER website at the exact same time…


How crazy is that????

Anyway, looking on the bright side it means I didn’t miss the tick-over moment after all, so I’ve set my alarm again, for around 01.20 tomorrow morning, so I can take that screen-grab I want.

So, we’re almost there folks, almost there…!

In the meantime, my latest processed Opportunity views…



I’m pretty sure the pink and green Skittles colours on that slab of rock are just a result of the processing, so please don’t take that image as calibrated or “accurate” or “realistic” or anything like that.

Catch you all tomorrow to celebrate Sol 5000!

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