Rolling towards Sol 5000

The latest images to come back from Opportunity are from Sol 4997. Now, I’m rubbish at maths but even I can work out that that means she is now just three days from reaching a HUGE milestone – her 5000th sol on Mars. Sol 5000. Sol FIVE THOUSAND. Of a mission we hoped would last 90 days.

NASA had better make a bloody big deal about this amazing achievement. There had better be special press releases, tributes all over social media, the works. If they don’t pay Oppportunity, her designers, drivers and engineers the proper respect they all deserve it will be a huge insult to the mission and all the people who have worked so hard on it over the years.

I guess we’ll see… 🙂

In the meantime, Opportunity – unconcerned with milestones or anniversaries herself – continues to quietly explore Perseverance Valley on the inner slope of Endeavour Crater. Here are my latest processed images…

pano5 L







Three days to go… Sol 5000 is on the horizon…


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1 Response to Rolling towards Sol 5000

  1. Hugo Landheer says:

    So I asume the duststorm is over and she survived???

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