Catching up again…

Apologies for the break in posting (if anyone noticed!), just been crazy busy with writing commitments and also Oppy’s view hasn’t been changing much to be honest. Time for a quick catch up today tho..

So, our brave gal – who is coming up to the 14th anniversary of her landing on Mars! – is still trundling around Perseverance Valley, on the inner slope of Endeavour Crater. She’s slowly working her way downhill, looking at the various twists and turns of the valley as it leads down to the crater floor below. As predicted waaaay back, the “valley” is much more of a gully, with quite low sides and not a huge amount of structure or vertical relief, but it’s still fascinating and new, and will produce a lot of great science in the weeks, months and years ahead. Here are some of the images I’ve been creating since the last update…




Love that view of Opportunity#s tracks criss-crossing the ground…


So, as best I can tell that’s Opportunity’s view looking down-slope, down Perseverance Valley, down towards the crater floor. If she rolls down into that dip there I think we’ll get some lovely views. Have to wait and see!

More soon, hopefully… thanks for stopping by!

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  1. requalls2015 says:

    I really enjoyed this. Thanks!

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