Sol 4,893…

A short “catch up” post just to reassure you all that this blog hasn’t folded; I’ve just been stupidly busy this past month, which included a two week-long camping/stargazing expedition… All is well, it was just a pause to do some stuff in the real world… 😉

So, Oppy is still going strong, and is still exploring Perseverance Valley. She is sending back images daily, or just about daily, and here are some of my recent processings, in advance of a longer, more detailed update in a few days…






That’s a rather abstract view of Opportunity being lit by the low slanting rays of the setting Sun… hugely over-processed, obviously, I just liked the effect…

And this…


…is a rather crazy view, showing one of Opportunity’s wheels hanging in mid-air! Unbelievable… I go away for two weeks, two WEEKS, and Opportunity starts believing she’s a beach buggy!!!

Check back for more news and images soon.

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1 Response to Sol 4,893…

  1. requalls2015 says:

    I have been following Oppy from the start and thought I was good at spotting details. I totally missed Oppy’s dune buggy shot!! I love your work. 😉

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