Looking around…

Now out of her solar conjunction radio silence, Opportunity is sending back some really nice views of the interior of Endeavour crater, as she starts to edge her way down Perseverance Valley. Unfortunately, most of these simply refuse to stitch together to make the nice panoramic views I like sharing with you here, but I’ve done my best with a few new images, just to catch up with our rover’s progress really…

1N555916486EFFD000P1957L0M1_stitch b2

1N555916486EFFD000P1957L0M1_stitch b2b.jpg

oppy glow

Ok, just to be TOTALLY clear here, that last image, above, is colourised and processed in a purely artistic way; I’m not suggesting for a second that you would see anything like that with your own eyes if you were there. It’s just an unashamed pretty picture, nothing scientifically useful or accurate about it.

More soon… 🙂

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1 Response to Looking around…

  1. requalls2015 says:

    I really enjoy your blog.I really miss seeing Oppy’s 3d anaglyphs though.

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