Mars goes to sleep…

Well, not literally. I don’t mean the planet itself is going to nod off – but the rovers trundling around on it are certainly about to grab a coffee, put their feet up and take it easy for a while. Why? This NASA webpage explains

In the meantime, Opportunity has, as I reported in the most recent post, entered Perseverance Valley and started exploring it. And like any self-respecting tourist and sight-seer she has taken a “selfie”. Here’s a colourisation I made from a raw black and white image Oppy sent back yesterday…


Looking at the bigger picture, it’s very pleasing to report that a couple of the craters close to the entrance to Perseverance Valley have been named after the spacecraft which took astronauts to the Moon on the Apollo 16 mission…

apollo craters labels

collage m

More soon!


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