Stay on target…


Well, Opportunity still hasn’t started to explore Perseverance Valley yet… it seems she’s taking another good long look at it before setting off. And that’s ok, she deserves a rest, and it makes perfect sense to make a detailed study of the gully and plan the next few moves before starting into it.

I’m looking forward to seeing the valley from closer up, tho. The views we have at the moment are quite… yes, I’ll say it… dull. We’re seeing it at a very oblique angle, which means we can’t see the channels and ridges of the feature. When Opportunity gets a bit closer we will, tho, I’m sure. In the meantime, here a few of my recent processed images…

pan 1


By way of contrast (and yes, to fill out this post!) here are a couple of processed images from Curiosity, which is currently taking a look at some VERY thin fragile-looking rock structures… as usual, click to enlarge…



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1 Response to Stay on target…

  1. QtM says:

    those razor-edged rocks are beautiful! Is there a process where those could be formed that does NOT involve liquid water?

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