Get in there, Oppy…!

It seems my previous post was a bit premature and Opportunity *hasn’t* started down into Perseverance Valley yet, but is lingering at the top of the slope, taking a look at the valley before heading down into it…


A load of images came back today showing the view down-slope, but none of the software packages or websites I use could stitch them into a decent image. Instead I had to paste them manually into a single long image, which turned out hideously, but here you go… you have been warned…

pan b

But it does show that Opportunity has drive to the edge of a very small ledge to the upper left of the valley, so she can take a proper look at it and work out how to get to it safely…


So where has Oppy decided to take a breather at? Approximately… here…

location may 15b

Original image: Sean Doran, used with permission


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