On the edge…

Opportunity has reached the entrance to Perseverance Valley, and like any good explorer about to start a new adventure is now taking a good look around her, and looking down into the valley itself, before starting on the next leg of her journey.

As I suspected, the view down into the valley from its entrance is less than dramatic – no steep walls, no debris-littered floor, no meandering channels, but quite a few dust dunes which Oppy will have to be careful driving through or around. I’m sure the scenery will get more impressive as Opportunity works her way down the gully.

Here are some views I processed over the past few days…




Here’s one of my favourite views for a long time – the ramp-like landscape feature they’ve called “Winnemucca”…

Winnemucca f

So, where is Opportunity now? About… here… I think…

gully close up

… but that’s just me guessing, don’t bet your house on it 🙂

When will Oppy start to drive down into the Valley? Don’t think it will be long, so check back soon…


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2 Responses to On the edge…

  1. marjetka lekse says:

    Its that Mars, if it is that is the most idiotic space project ever made.

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