Into the valley… soon…

The latest images to come back from Mars show that Opportunity is now *this* close… **THIS** close to the entrance to Perseverance Valley, and surely it’s only going to be another couple of sols before she rolls up to the lip of the ridge, looks over it and gives us our first view of the ancient, possibly water-carved gully which will be her next science target…

Here’s a mosaic  made from images which came back yesterday… You can see how Oppy has rolled up almost to the entrance of the Valley…


So just where is Oppy now? Well, the yellow line I’ve added to this gorgeous, computer rendered view, made by image processing wizard Sean Doran, shows (roughly) where Opportunity is now, having driven up out of Marathon Valley and trundled along the top of Cape Tribulation to get here (right to left)…

working render may 4

There are some very interesting sights around Opportunity as she prepares to drive down into Perseverance…



And just this morning some… interesting images came back from Opportunity, images like this…


Oh boy, the tin foil hat brigade are going to have a field day with those… I can just imagine the rantings and ravings on their forums and blogs… “Mars rover spots UFO!” “Mars rover spots flaming comet heading straight for Earth!” The truth is there if they care to look for it, on the fantastic Midnight Planets website, which posts images returned by Opportunity…


I’m taking that image footer to mean that Opportunity was attempting to image the martian moon, Phobos, across the Sun. Nothing to get Muldur excited… 🙂

Check back soon for more images from Opportunity!

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