An epic drive…

Opportunity has just completed one of her longest ever drives on Mars (I’m not sure what her longest was, I’ll have to check). She just completed a drive on Mars that was an amazing 132m long.

Now, that’s not a great distance for us. It’s literally a couple of minutes’ walk up the street, or to the park across the road. But for a 13 year old solar-powered rover, which was only meant to last for 90 days and travel up to a kilometre, on a planet that states “Killing machines sent from Earth” as its main hobby, it’s a great achievement, believe me.

Here’s Oppy’s ost recent view as she heads towards Perseverance Valley…

1N545886432EFFCX__P1897L0M1_stitch b

She has also been using her RAT – or “Rock Abrasion Tool” – to clean off the surface of one of the rocks around her, to enable more detailed study of it. Here’s what she’s done…


…and here’s a close-up of the RATted area…


More later, I have to go to work!

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1 Response to An epic drive…

  1. New Horizons Bob says:

    220 meters on March 20, 2005, but Oppy wasn’t nearly as old as it is now.

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