Opportunity’s view…

Opportunity is doing what any explorer and adventurer worth her salt would do – stopping, having a break, taking a good look around her, taking in the landscape, before continuing on to her main destination. Here are a couple of views I’ve made from the most recent images to come back…


That’s a view of the “fresh” impact crater Opportunity spotted from the top of the hill and is now quite close to. Note: ignore the colour, it’s rubbish, I know. Just the best I could do quickly with the filter set that came down!


A view back up the slope Opportunity has descended as she heads towards Perseverance Valley.

I don’t expect much to happen over the coming Easter weekend – I’ll be “away from keyboard” anyway (Google “AFK” younger readers!) – but I do expect we’ll see some images of the ancient gully itself next week, so check back then ok?

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