Towards The Valley…

It’s now 8 years and 4 months since I started this blog. If you’ve been with me from the start, thank you! If you’ve only just found us, thank you too! It’s been a real labour of love – very hard work at times, always challenging, sometimes a real struggle because of, you know, real life…

Don’t worry, I’m not building up to a “…and it’s time to say goodbye” announcement! Far from it. I just wanted to check the date because the images that came down today, that I’ve been working with for the past couple of hours, have reminded me just why I love the MER mission so much. The view Oppy is enjoying right now is nothing less than beautiful, and today some images came back which allowed me to make a new colour view.

Hands up: my software and processing skills haven’t allowed me to do these images justice, or make the stunning panorama others will make from them in the hours and days ahead. I am, as I keep saying, just a fan, not a scientist, so my version is quite “quick and crude”… but I don’t care, I’ve done my best, and I’m just happy to still be able to promote and support the mission after all this time.

Let’s start with a black and white view first, shall we?


…and now, a colour view…


Now, you can see right away that that’s not right… it’s just too blue, too lavendar-hued. With a bit (OK, a lot!)  more work I managed to turn that into this


Wow… that’s something, isn’t it? I love that view. THAT’s “my Mars”, right there.

I’m often asked, when I give my outreach talks in village halls, community centres and schools, how I can still be so enthusiastic about Opportunity and what she does, how I can still be so passionate about the work she is doing on Mars, how I can still, after all these years, be so dedicated and loyal to the mission and the people behind it.

I can show you exactly how and why I remain all those things, using just one image I made earlier today…


8 years and 4 months… and every day something new, and amazing, and magical from Mars.

Who knows what wonders tomorrow will bring? 🙂


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1 Response to Towards The Valley…

  1. Hawsey says:

    I’ve followed your blog for many years and always anticipate the next blog entry you make , amazing panorama you’ve stitched together this time , cheers 🙂

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