Perseverance Valley spotted..?

As Opportunity continues to work her way downhill the view ahead and below is really opening up, allowing us to see both further to the horizon and down the side of Endeavour Crater. In fact, I think… I think… we can now see Perseverance Valley – maybe… perhaps… possibly… ish… ?

We’ll come back to that. Let’s backtrack just a little and look at the view Opportunity ws enjoying a couple of days ago…


…and here’s the very latest view. I made this mosaic panorama by stitching together images which were posted online overnight last night…


Let’s concentrate on the left hand side of that image, where it’s most interesting…


That’s a lovely view, isn’t it? The gentle, curving sweep of the Endeavour rim. the dust dunes on the terrain up ahead, the distance-dimmed far horizon, just lovely…

…but as I said, I think… perhaps.. and I’m not sure about this at all, I have to be honest… we might finally be able to see Perseverance Valley snaking down to the crater floor. Let’s look at an orbital view of this section of Endeavour’s rim, with some prominent features labelled…


…now let’s try matching those with the view Opportunity has… I’m sure of A – C… an we see Perseverance Valley now, too?

valley sighting 1q.

Hmmm… I don’t know, I really don’t… looking at that image right now after posting it I swing between “Yes, definitely, that’s it…” and “I don’t know…” and then “No, no way…” and back again. What do you think? I am still very sure that visually Perseverance Valley is not going to be that striking, as it doesn’t seem very deep, but I might be wrong about that too. We won’t really know that until Opportunity drives up to the rim and looks over the edge before starting down towards the ancient gully itself. For now it’s just fun to speculate, isn’t it?

To end this post, a colourisation showing Oppy’s wheel tracks…


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2 Responses to Perseverance Valley spotted..?

  1. roshaan100 says:

    wow well done on spotting that valley. I looked hard at these images and I think you have positively identified it!

  2. roshaan100 says:

    Although I think if the green marker for the valley would be like 5 or 10 pixels closer to oppy’s camera, that would mark the valley I think. I am using the 2 horizontal cliff-like features just to the left of the valley in the HiRISE image, as a reference for the valley, which I believe can be seen as you slide towards Endeavour from feature C.

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