Another day, another drive…

Opportunity continues to make progress towards the gully. Although we can’t see it – it’s just over the local horizon – it’s calling to Oppy now, as she steadily works her way down-slope. On the plain below we can now see several craters, ripples of wind-blown dark dust and lighter rocky outcrops, but as interesting as they are personally I’m looking forward to seeing what Opportunity sees when she looks back at the hills, that should be a great “Look where we’ve been…” view..

In the meantime, here are the latest views to come back from Opportunity.

1P542778981EFFCWNCP2373L2M1_stitch 2f


pano march 16 2017 crop frame b

…and – just for fun – if you stretch that view vertically it really brings out the topographical relief on the terrain up ahead…

1P542957389EFFCWSBP2375L2M1_stitch_stitch b stretch

Check on Oppy’s progress later.

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1 Response to Another day, another drive…

  1. roshaan100 says:

    Thank you so much for this blog. In the pictures above, what is the gully-like thing running from the right of the bright rock?

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