The road ahead – in colour…

I was off work last Friday and Saturday – Friday because I was not in on the rota, Saturday because I was laid up with a leg injury which meant I literally couldn’t walk – so I split the time between writing and repeatedly and relentlessly checking for new images from Opportunity, fully expecting new, jaw-dropping views of Endeavour’s hills and Opportunity’s route ahead, ideally some of the “triplets” of images taken through red, green and blue filters which I use to make my colour views.

Frustratingly, none came back, except for a handful of images showing a rocky outcrop I couldn’t place at all.

Yesterday I went back to work, so of course when I checked for images in my break there they were! I couldn’t wait to get home to get to work on them, and make a colour view of the landscape, and at around 1am THIS morning  finally had something I felt happy to share with others. So, here it is, Opportunity’s most recent view of Endeavour and her road ahead. Firstly, the black and white version…

Image1_stitch v3bw

…which is pretty impressive, I’m sure you’ll agree! But when  you turn that into a color view…

Image1_stitch 3

…NOW you’re talking! Isn’t that a beautiful view? Very pleased with that. But with a bit more work and some cropping I was able to make this view, which I think is even better…

march 12 panorama col

Isn’t that something? The graceful, sweeping curve of the hills, the dust-softened far horizon, the rock scattered slopes… beautiful, just beautiful. Even though we can’t see the gully yet that’s one of my favourite views of the mission so far.

Will we get more images today? Check back later to find out!


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