Moving on…

…but I’ll be honest, I’m not quite sure where Opportunity has moved on *to*, after seeing the latest images to come back, and Peggy seems confused too…


After the most recent drive I expected Opportunity would send back new images showing either a) she had gone to the edge of that hill and could now get a grandstand view of the gully and its surroundings, below, or b) she’d have turned sharpy to the right and was heading down the gentle slopes towards and onto the Meridiani Plain, temporarily robbing us of our views south along Endeavour’s hills. But the images that came back yesterday after NONE came back in Friday, very frustrating when I was off work that day and could have enjoyed them properly!) show Opportunity has driven up to a rocky outcrop and is taking a look at that instead. I’m not at all sure where this outcrop is, to be perfectly honest, but I’ve stitched the images together anyway…

1P542513539EFFCWJ7P2371L2M1_stitch b2

I think it’s the same outcrop Oppy took some colour images of the other day but I’m not sure… what do you think?

Image1r_stitch b

Anyway, the main thing is Oppy is definitely on the move again, so let’s see what the next batch of images show.

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