Opportunity steams south…

Having finally emerged from the valleys Opportunity is now heading south along the summit of Cape Tribulation, and the view is really opening up ahead of her. Once again we can see the far horizon, and can look down on, and across, the vast Meridiani Plain for miles and miles and miles… This was the view yesterday, which I thought was pretty good…


But since those images were taken Opportunity has driven even further south, and the view has opened up a whole lot more… If you’re not already sitting down, I advise you to sit down before you see the next picture because it is just beautiful…

pano mar 9 a

Now to be honest I’m not really happy with that. My GoTo stitching program AutoStitch *hates* MER images at the moment, and refuses to stitch them properly, and when it does it enhances the vignetting effect. So this was made with Microsoft ICE which isn’t performing particularly well either, but it’s the best I can do right now.

UPDATE: I had another go, cropped that view a bit and cleaned it up too… so *this* is the best I ca do right now… 😉

pano mar 9 crop bf4

This view is only going to get better as Oppy descends this hillside, so expect more images soon…

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2 Responses to Opportunity steams south…

  1. m says:

    feel free to use 🙂

    Created with Microsoft ICE, Windows 7

    • phoenixpics says:

      Wow… thank you, whoever you are! Shows it can be done, wish I knew what I was doing wrong… 😦

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