Get on with it, Oppy…!


Alright, Opportunity, enough. Stop grandstanding and messing about, and just drive the last few metres up that slope and roll up onto the top of the hill so you can have a well-earned rest and we can all enjoy the view from there…!

She hasn’t got far to go now, surely… here’s the view upslope a couple of days ago, which I haven’t had a chance to post until today, sorry… I reckon Oppy is right on the lip of that crest now, ready to tip over it and roll triumphantly onto the top of the hill again…


I think the next batch of images sent back by Oppy will show she’s just one more drive away from leaving the valleys behind her and setting off south again, towards The Gully With No Name. Hopefully some pics will come down later today, and if they do I’ll be sure to update this post or, if there’s time, write a new one. Check back later. In the meantime, here, have a stitched together and processed mosaic of four really close-up images taken by Opportunity of the ground at her feet…


Meanwhile, Curiosity is doing great work round at Gale Crater and sending back really pretty views of the rocks around her…


One rock in particular caught my eye…


…and when I looked more closely at other images sent back by Curiosity I was struck by how it was possible to do a kind of reverse “Powers Of Ten” with that one rock. So, here you are, a present to lose yourself in on a lazy Sunday… click on it to enlarge it, and as you do just take in the scale of what you’re looking at here. From L to R: a single greyish rock on the surface of Mars (top of frame), with countless millions of rocks scattered around it as far as the eye can see… then you see the rock itself, isolated on the surface… then you see the surface of the rock, with knobs, nobbles and dimples… then you see a close-up of one of those dimples… then, finally, a close-up of individual grains of martian dust and rock gathered in that dimple, blown there by the martian wind over who knows how any millions of years….


More later šŸ™‚

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