One more push…

…and Opportunity should finally be out of the valleys and back up on top of Cape Tribulation; the latest images show she is just one good drive away from reaching the top of the slope she has been chugging up these past few weeks, and later today, or more likely tomorrow, we should be able to see the path ahead, south towards The Gully With No Name…


Meanwhile, Curiosity has reached the edge of the last great dune field between her and the actual base of Mt Sharp, and the photos she has been sending back are quite beautiful, showing exquisitely-fine detail on the surfaces of the dunes, carved and sculpted by the whispering martian wind… here are my processed versions of a couple of those images…



Whilst looking at those images I saw one which appeared to show Curiosity’s robot arm trailing through the dust, and it looked – and felt – very familiar, prompting me to make this…


Check back for more news on Oppy – and Curiosity, because I’m going to keep featuring that rover more now, now that it has reached some truly breathtaking scenery – soon…

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1 Response to One more push…

  1. Tom says:

    That sand looks dangerously soft. Don’t get stuck!

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