Different views…

Opportunity is continuing to work her way back up the eastern side of Cape Tribulation, in advance of going “over the top” and heading back down onto the Meridiani Plain, then rolling south at speed to The Gully. Here are some of her latest views…

Note: all original MER images Credit: NASA / JPL-Caltech / Cornell


I know what you’re thinking – “That would look better in colour…” Oh, ok, here you go…


Looking back the other way you can see how Oppy has tracked uphill by following her tracks in the dust…


But whereabouts is Opportunity now? Below is a very high resolution image I’ve made using NASA’s HiVIEW software and a HiRISE image of Endeavour’s hills. I’ve put a yellow circle where Oppy is at the moment, and an arrow shows the route she might take as she moves further up slope and prepares to drop down again…


And where is The Gully in relation to where Oppy is now? Take a look… the arrows show a possible route the river will take to get there, a route which includes a brief visit to a small crater a little way out on the plain…


As for The Gully itself, here’s a new close-up view I’ve made of it, using a HiRISE image…


Can’t wait to get there and see that gully close-up; I’m sure Opportunity will do some fascinating science there. It’s about a kilometre away, maybe a little less, so I don’t think we’re looking at a long trip. Still, I suppose it depends on how many shiny things Opportunity is distracted by along the way…!

Meanwhile, Curiosity is seeing some absolutely stunning scenery at the moment. Here are my latest processed mosaics made from raw MSL images… please click on them to enlarge them. You’ll be glad you did, I promise 🙂

Note: All original MSL images Credit: NASA / JPL-Caltech / Malin Space Science Systems








Very intrigued by all the flow patterns on the dust on the slopes in those last two images…

Check back soon to see if Opportunity has made it  to the top of the hill yet.

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