Glorious view…

Opportunity appears to have started working her way slowly away from Marathon Valley, in preparation for her drive to “The Gully” (so we really need a name for it now, come on Mars rover team!). The latest images show Opportunity has left “Spirit Mound” behind and has rolled on to another small rocky mound called “Pompy’s Tower”, the middle “star” of an almost Orion’s belt-like trio of such hillocks…



…and here it is…


That image is cropped from a very wide panoramic mosaic I’ve stitched together from raw images, showing the landscape – and route – ahead of Opportunity. This is the terrain she will be crossing soon as she begins her journey to The Gully… Click on the image below to enlarge it… (and apologies in advance for the ugly join in the middle, I wasn’t using my best software. It’ll do for now, until higher resolution (hopefully colour!) versions of these frames come back…)


So, Opportunity is on her way! To close this post here’s a colour image I was working on last night, one of my favourites for a while. Hope you like it too.


And what’s next? This…



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