Marathon Valley doesn’t disappoint…

Opportunity is now well into Marathon Valley, and sending back pictures every bit as beautiful as we hoped they would be. Leading down the slope into Endeavour Crater there are rocks, boulders and stones of all shapes and sizes strewn across the valley floor, and on either side of Opportunity as she works her way downhill layered walls rise up into the salmon-pink sky. Here are some of the views she has been enjoying, and sending back, recently…

Image1 (2)




pano6 (2)

Depending on how much time you spend online and how much attention you pay to this kind of thing, you may or may not be aware that there has been a lot of nonsense online and in the media in general recently about images being sent back from Mars. Not so much about Opportunity’s images, but definitely Curiosity’s. People – and of course, by “people” I mean the Martian Anomoly Division of that deluded army of sad, tin foil hat-wearing conspiracy theorist nutters and losers who sit in their parents’ basements tapping out fevered blog posts or making crap YouTube videos about chemtrails, Nibiru and the Apollo Moon Landing Hoax – have been “discovering” all sorts of amazing things on Mars, snapped accidentally (or deliberately, maybe…!!!????) by the rovers. Most recently they have “spotted” a giant crab hiding in the shadows beneath a ledge, and a mysterious “woman” walking across the shifting sands of Mars…

Regular readers of this blog will know I have no time or tolerance for these idiots – and that’s not “having a closed mind”, before any of them start flaming me; it’s just someone who has an understanding of real science, and the real conditions on Mars, having a zero tolerance for bullshit being produced and spread by the growing legion of crackpots, idiots and liars with no interest in genuine science.

Whenever I write something like that, someone always comes back with “Some are troubled people, with mental problems, you shouldn’t be so dismissive of all of them”. Ok, that might be true, and obviously some of the people who write this stuff are doing so because they lack the capacity to question it, and have been disturbed or scared by it when they were introduced to it. But I think the majority of the people who spread this stuff are not mentally disturbed, or vulnerable, they are either naive and lacking in basic scientific knowledge, or deliberately and mischeviously spreading rubbish to alarm and mislead people, and should be challenged. The “research” they always urge us “sheeple” to do whenever we call them out consists of reading other fevered blog posts by equally-deluded fools, and watching hour after hour of badly-produced, gibberingly-insane YouTube videos produced by people who never use their real names but like to be known to the disbelieving outside world as “Armageddon Truth” or “Mars Detective” or “Revelation Omega” or some similiar New Age trippy crap. If they could be bothered to do some real research – on NASA sites or even just on the much-maligned Wikipedia – they would know that it’s impossible for such things to exist on Mars, just impossible.

But they never do that, and never will, because they enjoy sitting there, tapping away at their computers like Neo in The Matrix, feeling that they are somehow “in the know”, that they are part of an elite group of people around the world who “know the truth”. It makes them feel big, and important, and special. I actually think some of them know they’re talking and spreading BS, they just want their websites, blogs or YouTube channels to get a lot of views, and probably get an income from adverts on them.

So, if you want to ignore them, or shake your heads sadly at them and try to be understanding and tolerant, that’s your choice. I think they are idiots, fools and liars, and will treat them as such because I believe they are dangerous and should be fought against. I have no tolerance for them, and I will call them out if I get a chance to. Like the rest of the universe, Mars isΒ  too beautiful and fascinating and amazing without having to be embellished and embroidered with “extras” like teeny tiny martian Bigfoots, statues, sentinel crabs or dark ladies.

So… this…

just mars frame

Can’t wait to see what Opportunity shows us next! πŸ™‚

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4 Responses to Marathon Valley doesn’t disappoint…

  1. Tom says:

    I totally agree with you. Nothing on Mars (that we know of), we did land on the moon 6 times, chemtrails are just engine moisture, and Pluto is a planet! (even if there are hoaxers that say New Horizons was a fake also). Ugh!
    Always look forward to your Oppy updates. πŸ™‚

  2. requalls2015 says:

    Thank you for the update! It is rather depressing when I do a search for Mars on UTUBE and the web. Once again Mars is said to be as large as the “fool” Moon!! Your pictures are awesome. They take turns on my computer desk top. πŸ˜‰

  3. Tim says:

    I just take their “findings” with a grain of salt. I think of what they’re doing as a parody, kind of like National Inquirer discoveries.

  4. Susan says:

    Some of these guys make a living (of sorts) off their conspiracy idiocies, cynically lying for a buck. Someone needs to be kicking their butts — so thank you, Stuart, for doing it.

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