Into the valley… soon…

Firstly, apologies for not updating the blog recently (if anyone is bothered, ha!). Just been mega busy following and writing about the incredible New Horizons mission, and as Oppy wasn’t really doing much recently, what with solar conjunction and all, I took the time to catch up with other projects. But the good news is Oppy is on the move again, and is clearly advancing towards the entrance to Marathon Valley!

I’ve had a really hard time trying to get the images taken by Opportunity recently stitched into a single panorama, so many thanks to image processor Jan van Driel for giving me permission to use his images, the most recent of which offers a beautiful view “over the edge” and down into the upper slopes of Marathon Valley…

jvd valley mouth

More updates to follow as Opportunity starts to make her way down that slope and begins to explore the valley she has looked forward to studying for so long…

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3 Responses to Into the valley… soon…

  1. boutell says:

    I am still following Opportunity’s story thanks to your (almost) tireless coverage! Thanks for continuing the saga.

  2. Rick Qualls says:

    I’ve followed your posts from the beginning!!! What an awesome ride 😉

  3. Ken Partridge says:

    I’m still following your informative and often poetic tour guide. Thanks for the hard work and dedication!

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