Catching up with Oppy…

Apologies for the lack of posts recently but I have to leave my laptop sometime! Over the weekend I was AFK (look it up, kids…!) at an astronomy camp up in Northumberland, and wasn’t really able to access images or post to the blog, well, not easily anyway. But I was, as always, following Oppy as best I could, and I enjoyed seeing her home planet shining in the sky above our tent…


Which one is Mars? Well, at the top -biggest and brightest ‘light’ in the sky – is the Moon. To its lower right, just above the trees, you’ll see that pair of fainter, smaller lights… the one on the left, the brighter of the two, is Venus, and beside it, smaller and fainter, is Mars. That’s where Oppy is. That’s her “Home planet”, as she’s been on Mars longer than she was on Earth while being built and tested and prepared for launch…

Anyway, since my last post Oppy has been slowly edging her way towards the entrance to “Marathon Valley”, and here are the latest views which I hope you will enjoy…





…and today’s view of Marathon Valley shows more features on its upper slopes than we’ve seen to date…


Wonder when she’ll head into there and start making her way down-slope towards the interesting parts?

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