Almost there, Oppy… almost there….

After eleven long years on Mars, Opportunity is now *this* close to the summit of Cape Tribulation. Another couple of drives and she will be there, on the top of the world – well, on top of the highest point on Mars she will ever reach, anyway.

Images posted today show just how close our brave gal is to the summit of Cape Tribulation, and stitching them together and working on them shows what a wonderful view Oppy will have soon…

summit 2bf

When she finally rolls up onto the top there, well, what a day that will be, what a stunning achievement that will be. Eleven years on a planet that has tried its best to kill the rover, with dust storms, dune seas and worse. I am so proud of the rover teams, past and present, who have guided Oppy to this magical place high above the rolling, rust-hued plains of Barsoom.

More soon!

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