Image catch-up…

Been a couple of days since I updated the blog I know, just been busy with *real life*, so here is a selection of new images I’ve made from the “raw” black and white photos sent back by our favourite martian rover…


That’s a mosaic showing some of the rocks scattered around Oppy as she skirts Wdowiak Ridge (click on it to enlarge it)


Close up of some of those rocks…


The top of Wdowiak Ridge…


Now OBVIOUSLY that’s not mine, it’s far too good! No, that’s an image created by MER image magician Damia deBouic, and she’s an absolute **genius**… that’s what you’d see if you were standing beside Oppy looking back downhill. Damia has given me permission to use her images here on my blog, so thanks Damia! That’s beautiful…

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