A beautiful place…

Every now and again some images come down to Earth from Oppy which leave me literally shaking my head in wonder. They might be of a sweeping martian vista, a blazing sunset, or a set of tracks leading back to a distant horizon. A couple of days ago a set of raw images came back that just sent my jaw plummeting to the floor. Oppy is currently driving up the western rim of Endeavour Crater, and I think it’s fair to say that the scenery she is driving through now is the most spectacular and dramatic she has seen for quite a while. She can see the crater floor open far beneath her, her tracks leading back downhill behind her and, up ahead, the highest hills beckoning to her. She’s surrounded by wind-sculpted dust dunes, Time-carved stones and beautiful rocky outcrops. Here’s the black and white view…


I know, I know… just look at that… how beautiful is that? When I put the three raw images into Autostitch and that panorama came out I just had to sit back and let out an admiring sigh… Such naked, raw, geological beauty, stretching out in all directions. But inevitably I thought to myself “Ah, but wouldn’t that be even more beautiful in colour?”

So I colourised it, making it as “martian” as I possibly could. The result isn’t perfect, and other image manipulators will create their own versions in the days ahead, I’m sure. Some will be hideous, the colours disgracefully inaccurate and unrealistic. Others, created by digital artists far more skilful than I, will be nothing short of spectacular, but I don’t care. This is mine. This is my Mars, the Mars I have loved since I was a young boy hiding in the school library at break time, reading science books instead of going outside to “play”.

After you’ve clicked on the image to enlarge it, I hope you enjoy your visit. đŸ™‚

pano final



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2 Responses to A beautiful place…

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  2. rbonini says:


    Where can I get that large enough for my desktop wall paper?

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